Knife Survival Skills You Need to Know

If you ever are out in the wild, you will need to learn the essential knife skills to survive.

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Knife Skills Everyone Should Master

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Clearing Trails

If you ever are out hunting, fishing, hiking, or camping, this is a very vital skill you must use. Clearing trails in the woods will allow you to find your way back to your gathering place.

Opening Canned Food

This knife survival skill will come in handy if you forgot your can opener at home.

The way you do this task is to cut around the edges of the lid until it pops off.

After, you can enjoy your canned goodness.

A tuna can

Cut Saplings for Fire Starter

Saplings are one of the great fire starting materials out in the wilderness. Dry ones are the best.

Break a Car Window

This is a very useful skill if you, or anyone else has gotten in a car accident that has jammed your car door.

Use the butt of the knife to ram the window to shatter it. Car windows are usually tempered nowadays, so the shattering doesn’t produce sharp points

Broken car window

Make Wood Chips

Wood Chips are a useful resource when you have to sleep on a primitive bed combined with grass. The combination will create a relatively soft surface to sleep for the night. The wood chips can be obtained from any wood you desire.

Make a Shelter

Making a shelter is a vital survival skill when lost in the wilderness. To do this you will need a knife or cutting tool to cut three equal pieces of straight branches. Set up the branches in a cone shape with the top ends that meet in the center. This will create a teepee style structure.


I hope you have found this post useful and informative. These skills are useful in any survival situation.

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