Knife Skills Everyone Should Master

There are a variety of knife skills everyone should master. I am going to cover these topics in three main sections. These sections are outdoor activities and survival, general home use, and kitchen use.

Outdoor Activities and Survival

There are many outdoor activities and survival situations that your knife will become useful in.

 I am covering three topics in this section, hunting and fishing,crafting, and survival situations. These are the essential outdoorskills in which you knife will be a great companion in

Hunting and Fishing

Hunting and fishing is one of the great outdoor activities that every outdoors man should master. Your knife is going to be an essential tool when hunting and fishing.

The type of knife will determine if you will have a good or bad time out in the wilderness.

Field Dressing Animals

 For field dressing animals, you will need a sharp knife, or else you will not be able to slice underneath the skin of the animal youhave.

The knife will need to have a very tough blade made of very good steel, such as the highest grade stainless steel or carbon steel.


Bushwhacking is essential in hunting when you are hunting in an area where there are no trails through the bush.

For bushwhacking, you will need a knife that is sharp and capable of cutting through small and medium sized branches to clear a path that you can pass on, preferably use a medium sized knife.


For fishing, pretty much the only need to use a knife for is to fillet fish, which is covered in the Kitchen Use section


 For crafting, you can use whatever knife you desire, which is best suited for the job at hand

Survival Situations

This section is for extreme survival situations, where you will have limited resources. Hopefuly you brought you knife with you!

Knives can be extremely useful when you are in this type of situation.

They can be useful to make primitive weapons to hunt small game animals to not go hungry and starve while you make your way back to civilization or waiting for rescue.

Knives will be useful in making a fire, to keep you warm and tocook some food. The things you will have to do with a knife in orderto make a fire is to make kindling and other manageable sized piecesof wood that are required to make a fire

General Home Use

General home use includes tasks such as house maintenance, and sharpening your knife.

House Maintenance

Home maintenance is a really broad subject, I will keep the subject pertaining to knife use. Knives in home maintenance have many uses, as in plumbing, electrical, and some parts in house construction, like cutting drywall (sheetrock).

Knife Sharpening

Knife sharpening is an essential part is maintaining your knife. I have written an entire post of knife sharpening found here:

Kitchen Use

There are several uses for knives in the kitchen, including but not limited to: slicing meat, filleting fish, and preparing fruits and vegetables

Slicing Meat

There are a lot of ways to slicing meat, getting rid of fat,slicing in small chunks for stews and soups and cutting steak after you have cooked it so you can chew it easier

The best knife for slicing meat pre-cooked phase is a large plain-edge bladed kitchen knife. For post-cooked phase, the best knife is the steak knife

Filleting Fish

This one is tough to describe in words so I included a video:

Preparing fruits and vegetables

Preparing fruits and vegetables can be done in various ways. I will leave this one up to you to decide.


I hope you have found this post uniquely useful, informative andhad a good time reading it, as I had a good time writing it.

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