Comparison of Folding vs Fixed Blade Knives

There are many similarities and differences of folding vs fixed blade knives. In this post, I am going to go over a brief description of each type and the pros and cons of each. So, here goes…

Folding Blade Knives

A folding knife, also known as the pocket knife is the type of knife that folds at the joint between the blade and handle.

The blade sits inside the handle when it is in the folded position. When it is in the open position, the blade is locked with a locking mechanism that prevents it from moving when the knife is inuse.

Some folding knives are built with a thumb stud or thumb hole to easily open the knife to the open and locked position.

Folding knives are made with a variety of materials. The blades are made from a variety of steels including stainless steel and carbon steel. The handles can be made from either wood, metal or a variety of plastics


  • Whittling and carving
  • Opening boxes
  • Bushwhacking small branches
  • Skinning and dressing of animals while hunting
  • Cutting rope
  • Various campsite chores


  • Self defense against wildlife
  • Kitchen use

Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed blade knives are knives that do not fold. It means that the blade is permanently fixed and locked to the open position.

 Fixed blade knives are best used when folding knives can’t do the job or are inefficient. The best uses are the cons of the folding knife, including self defense against wildlife and kitchen use.

These type of knives are well known for bushwhacking and hacking through large objects.


  • Self defense against wildlife
  • Cutting meat and vegetables
  • Also good for hunting and fishing
  • Also a good campsite companion


  • You need to ensure the knife is secured properly


Hopefuly this article about the comparison of folding blade vs fixed blade knives was useful to you into understanding the similarities and differences in each type of knife

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